Give Me A Smile

Ako si Dregm Hilig ko rin ang Magsulat

Everytime u gave me a comment, I smile. Kasi, alam ko na cute lang ang binibigyan mo ng magandang comment. Nagdarasal ako na sana, wherever u go & whatever u do, u will remain safe and cute. Teka, mahirap yata iyung cute. Safe na lang!


I asked Lord why I am cute. Lord answered “Dregm” you are very special to me”, Then I asked again what about the person who read this post is he/she cute too? Lord said well, if they will leave a comment for you…



6 Responses

  1. cute talaga ang nagbabasa ng blog mo.keep up the good work. saludo ako are one of the person i admire.thank you for being my frend.always take care of yourself.stay humble.god bless.mercy

  2. haha, Hello Esther! you have a nice blog here. Before I left the blog, I made sure that I left a comment. ^_^

  3. hehe! cute mo!

  4. Hi Esther. aba, mahilig ka rin palang mag-sulat… Hilig ko rin nyan… Baka pwde kang mag.critic sa mga future works ko… just visit my blog often… and if you want someone to read your work, I am available to do so… ^^

  5. Isang malaking itim na liham (blackmail)! 😛

    Ipagpatuloy ang iyong pagtatagni-tagni ng mga salita
    upang maging isang makabuluhang tula… 🙂

  6. pwede mo po aq tulungan gumawa ng tula yung about sa haiku at tanaga ang format tig isang saknong lang po…2 tula ng tanaga at haiku..plz

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